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Future Gravity Field Satellite Missions
Zitatschlüssel escidoc:247809
Autor Reubelt, T. and Sneeuw, N. and Iran Pour, S. and Hirth, M. and Fichter, W. and Müller, J. and Brieden, P. and Flechtner, Frank and Raimondo, Jean-Claude and Kusche, J. and Elsaka, B. and Gruber, T. and Murböck, M. and Doll, B. and Wang, X. and Klein, V. and Lezius, M. and Danzmann, K. and Sheard, B. and Rasel, E. and Schubert, C. and Schäfer, W. and Rathke, A. and Dittus, H. and Pelivan, I.
Buchtitel Observation of the System Earth from Space - CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE and future missions
Seiten 165 - 230
Jahr 2014
DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-32135-1_21
Adresse Berlin [u.a.]
Jahrgang 20
Herausgeber Flechtner, Frank and Sneeuw, N. and Schuh, W.-D.
Verlag Springer
Serie GEOTECHNOLOGIEN Science Report
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