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Publikationen am Fachgebiet Physikalische Geodäsie


Schuh, H. and König, Rolf and Ampatzidis, Dimitrios and Glaser, Susanne and Flechtner, Frank and Heinkelmann, R. and Nilsson, T. (2017). GGOS-SIM - Simulation of the Reference Frame for the Global Geodetic Observing System. REFAG 2014 : Proceedings of the IAG Commission 1 Symposium Kirchberg, Luxembourg, 13–17 October, 2014. Springer International Publishing, 95 - 100.

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Gouweleeuw, Ben and Kvas, Andreas and Gruber, C. and Mayer-Gürr, Torsten and Flechtner, Frank and Hasan, Mehedi and Güntner, A. (2017). A daily wetness index from satellite gravity for near-real time global monitoring of hydrological extremes.

Kvas, A. and Gruber, C. and Gouweleeuw, Ben and Chen, Qiang and Poropat, L. and Flechtner, Frank and Mayer-Gürr, T. and Güntner, A. (2017). First results of the EGSIEM Near Real-Time Service.

Dobslaw, H. and Bergmann-Wolf, I. and Dill, R. and Poropat, L. and Flechtner, Frank (2017). GRACE AOD1B Product Release 06: Long-Term Consistency and the Treatment of Atmospheric Tides.

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Lu, B. and Luo, Zhicai and Zhong, Bo and Zhou, Hao and Flechtner, Frank and Förste, C. and Barthelmes, F. and Zhou, Rui (2017). The gravity field model based on the second invariant of the GOCE gravitational gradient tensor: IGGT_R1. GFZ Data Services.

Zhang, L. and Dobslaw, H. and Dahle, Christoph and Thomas, M. and Neumayer, Karl and Flechtner, Frank (2017). Investigating different filter and rescaling methods on simulated GRACE-like TWS variations for hydrological applications.

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