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Dobslaw, H. and Bergmann-Wolf, I. and Dill, R. and Poropat, L. and Thomas, M. and Dahle, Christoph and Esselborn, Saskia and König, R. and Flechtner, Frank (2017). A new high-resolution model of non-tidal atmosphere and ocean mass variability for de-aliasing of satellite gravity observations: AOD1B RL06 [10]. Geophysical Journal International, 263 - 269.

Zens, Josef and Flechtner, Frank and Wickert, J. and Förste, C. and Stolle, Claudia and Grunwaldt, L. and Leicht, Johannes and Friedrich, Dietlinde and Itzerott, S. (2017). Nützliche neue Begleiter am Himmel: Satelliten als Erdbeobachtungsinstrumente haben eine lange Tradition auf dem Potsdamer Telegrafenberg [11]. System Erde. Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ, 6 - 11.

Lu, B. and Barthelmes, F. and Petrovic, S. and Pflug, Hartmut and Förste, C. and Flechtner, Frank and Luo, Zhicai and He, Kaifei and Li, Min and Scheinert, Mirko (2017). Airborne Gravimetry Data from GEOHALO project - (Data Set) [12]. GFZ Data Services.

Flechtner, Frank and Dahle, Christoph and Neumayer, Karl and Michalak, G. and Murböck, Michael and Fagiolini, Elisa and Gruber, C. and König, R. and Abrykosov, Oleh and Dobslaw, H. and Klemann, V. and Güntner, A. and Groh, Andreas and Howarth, Martin and Sasgen, Ingo and Reißland, S. and Zhang, L. and Thomas, M. (2017). The GFZ GRACE RL06 Level-2 and associated Level-3 Data Products [13]. Abstracts


Zhang, L. and Dahle, Christoph and Neumayer, Karl and Dobslaw, H. and Flechtner, Frank and Thomas, M. (2016). Investigating different filter and rescaling methods on simulated GRACE-like TWS variations for hydrological applications [14].

Dobslaw, H. and Bergmann-Wolf, I. and Forootan, Ehsan and Dahle, Christoph and Mayer-Gürr, Torsten and Kusche, Jürgen and Flechtner, Frank (2016). Modeling of present-day atmosphere and ocean non-tidal de-aliasing errors for future gravity mission simulations [15]. Journal of Geodesy, 423 - 436.

Poropat, L. and Bergmann-Wolf, I. and Flechtner, Frank and Dobslaw, H. (2016). Validation of EGSIEM gravity field products with globally distributed in situ ocean bottom pressure observations [16].

Mayer-Guerr, Torsten and Adrian, Jäggi and Meyer, Ulrich and Jean, Yoomin and Susnik, Andreja and Weigelt, Matthias and van Dam, Tonie and Flechtner, Frank and Gruber, C. and Güntner, Andreas and Gouweleeuw, Ben and Kvas, Andreas and Klinger, Beate and Flury, Jakob and Bruinsma, Sean and Lemoine, Jean-Michel and Zwenzner, Hendrik and Bourgogne, Stephane and Bandikova, Tamara (2016). European Gravity Service for Improved Emergency Management - Status and project highlights [17].

He, Kaifei and Xu, Tianhe and Förste, C. and Petrovic, S. and Barthelmes, F. and Jiang, Nan and Flechtner, Frank (2016). GNSS Precise Kinematic Positioning for Multiple Kinematic Stations Based on A Priori Distance Constraints [18]. Sensors

Glaser, Susanne and Ampatzidis, Dimitrios and Schuh, H. and König, Rolf and Nilsson, T. and Heinkelmann, R. and Flechtner, Frank (2016). Combination of simulated VLBI and SLR observations to determine a global TRF [19].

He, K. and Xu, G. and Xu, Tianhe and Flechtner, Frank (2016). GNSS Navigation and Positioning for the GEOHALO Experiment in Italy [20]. GPS Solutions, 215 - 224.

Dahle, Christoph and Gruber, C. and Fagiolini, Elisa and Flechtner, Frank (2016). Gravity Field Mapping from GRACE: Different Approaches–-Same Results? [21]. VIII Hotine-Marussi Symposium on Mathematical Geodesy : Proceedings of the Symposium in Rome, 17-21 June, 2013. Springer International Publishing, 165 - 175.

Flechtner, Frank and Neumayer, Karl-Hans and Dahle, Christoph and Dobslaw, H. and Fagiolini, Elisa and Raimondo, J.-C. and Güntner, Andreas (2016). What Can be Expected from the GRACE-FO Laser Ranging Interferometer for Earth Science Applications? [22]. Surveys in Geophysics, 453 - 470.

König, Rolf and Flechtner, Frank and Raimondo, J.-C. and Vei, Margarita (2016). Atmospheric loading and mass variation effects on the SLR-defined geocenter [23]. VIII Hotine-Marussi Symposium on Mathematical Geodesy : Proceedings of the Symposium in Rome. Springer International Publishing, 227 - 232.

Ampatzidis, Dimitrios and König, Rolf and Glaser, Susanne and Heinkelmann, R. and Schuh, H. and Flechtner, Frank and Nilsson, T. (2016). The assessment of the transformation of global tectonic plate models and the global terrestrial reference frames using the Velocity Decomposition Analysis [24].

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